HomingPIN ID Tags - Standard Pack

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Integrated into 2200 airports, HomingPIN™ is the world’s first truly global lost property AND RECOVERY system. For luggage, keys, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, passports, wallets, bikes, TVs, and more.  This standard pack has everything you need to protect your valuables from loss while on a trip or during your everyday travels.

How It Works
• Simply apply the strong baggage loop to your baggage
• A Unique Identifier Service (UIS) code is linked to your registered contact information, such as your e-mail address or cell phone
• If your baggage is mishandled or mislaid at the airport, the UIS system is integrated into the airlines’ baggage tracing systems. Once a tag’s unique code is entered into the tracing system, the airline receives your contact information and can arrange for immediate transfer of your bags—saving you time and costs

Not Just for Baggage
• Affix one of the convenient asset labels to any of your valuables, such as cell phones, wallets, passports, laptops, etc.
• When your property is found, the finder visits to report your item lost
• You receive the finder's contact details and can initiate contact to get your belongings back quickly
• HomingPIN’s global return service helps get your property back at a reasonable cost

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Non-Member Price: $19.99

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