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AAA helps members save on the price of gas with tools to help you find the lowest gas prices in your area.

Using the Fuel Price Finder, you can find the latest fuel prices at more than 100,000 stations in the United States.

This tool can help you:

  • Find the lowest gas prices in your area
  • Calculate fuel costs for your trip

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Fuel Finder

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Fuel Price Alerts

Lowest gas price and station info for your zip code! Reply MORE to see additional stations. Send a text anytime during the week to receive current prices. Text AAAGAS ZIP (e.g., AAAGAS 19801) to 87255.

To opt-out of future messages, reply, GASSTOP to 87255. Terms and Conditions

Key from the car and the calculator on dollars

Your Vehicle Operating Costs

Gas Watcher's Guide – Tips For:
  • Conserving Fuel
  • Saving Money
  • Protecting the
  • Environment
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