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Personal Property Inventory

do you know your stuff?

Are you completely covered before catastrophe strikes? In addition to your policies, do you have a home inventory list? Having this documentation will help you get your claims settled faster, verify losses and most importantly, give you the comfort of knowing that you purchased the correct amount of insurance.

Take Inventory

Wardrobe Closet with Clothes and Jewelry
  • Make a list of all possessions, and places of purchase.
  • Attach all receipts, purchase contracts and appraisals to your inventory list.
  • If receipts are no longer available, record serial numbers and photograph items.
  • Clothing: Count these items by category (Pants, Coats, Shoes, etc).
  • Appliances: Note the make, model, and serial numbers of all items.
  • Jewelry or Collectibles: These items may have increased in value since the date of purchase. Check with your agent to ensure adequate coverage.
  • For a printer friendly version of an inventory list, click here.

Additional Tracking Systems and Information Storage

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  • Take pictures of rooms and individual items.
  • Video tape your residence including describing the content of each room as you walk through.
  • Keep your documentation along with receipts at an offsite location (safe deposit box, relative's house).
  • When making new purchase make sure your documentation gets updated.
  • The Insurance Information Institute offers additional tools and information.
  • Click here to access the Know Your Stuff® free inventory software, including their free secure online storage for your inventory.