Auto Insurance Myths

Fact or Fiction? Auto Insurance Myths Busted
When it comes to insurance coverage, don’t believe everything you hear. Understanding fact versus fiction can help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing a car and coverage that’s right for you. 

1. The color of my car affects my auto insurance rate.

Car color does not affect your insurance premium. Other factors, however—including a vehicle’s model, make, year, the driver’s experience and driving record—may impact auto insurance rates.

2. If I loan my car, car insurance follows the policyholder.

In most states, lending a car to a friend also means lending your car insurance. This means that your insurance company could be responsible for damages caused by an accident with your car. Policies and laws may differ by state, so make sure you understand the rules before letting a friend borrow your car.

3. I’m covered for theft, windstorms, hail, and deer accidents without comprehensive coverage.

Though collision insurance does cover accidents involving objects, it doesn’t cover incidents that involve vandalism, hail, animals, or fires. Comprehensive coverage pays for incidents caused by events other than a collision.

4. No matter which auto insurance company I choose, my insurance rates won’t differ much

Auto insurance rates do vary from company to company. That’s why AAA Insurance Agency has partnered with other insurance companies—to offer you choices for the right coverage that best fits your needs.

5. AAA doesn’t offer insurance. They’re just for roadside assistance.

For over 100 years AAA has been there for you and all your insurance needs. With competitive rates and legendary reliability on auto, home, and life insurance, our experienced agents will ensure you receive the right coverage at the right price. 

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