5 Tips for Buying a New Car

Do your research. When purchasing a new car, compare the sticker price to research sites such as Edmunds or Blue Book. You can also view current incentives and rebates to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. Remember – time is on your side, so do your homework.

Steer the Conversation. Car dealers are great salespeople, but they have an endgame. Make sure to steer the conversation to your advantage. Avoid talking about only monthly payments, and remain focused on the big picture. Insist on negotiating the price of your vehicle, and avoid talking about trade-ins initially. Combining the purchase and the trade-in together means the dealership can give you a lower trade-in value and still looks as it it’s giving you a good deal.

Be prepared to walk away. Remember that walking away from a potentially bad deal is sometimes the best choice that you have. There are other similar or near-identical cars in the marketplace.

Shop from home. Once you’ve narrowed down your model choice to one vehicle and know what feature you’re looking for, contact internet sales managers at several dealerships in your area and ask for their best price. If you’ve purchased from them before, ask for a loyalty discount. If you’re new to the brand, ask for a conquest discount. This will help you get a range of prices available to you and will give you the best starting place.

Count on AAA to help you through the car buying experience. The AAA Auto Buying program, available exclusively to AAA Members, can help you find pre-arranged pricing with no negotiation required. Plus, you can maximize the savings on your new vehicle through AAA’s group buying power. In addition, AAA can help you get a great rate on an auto loan. Visit here to start car shopping.