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After the War

AAA World Article

AfterWARd Exhibition
Photo Courtesy of American Revolution Museum

The Siege of Yorktown marked the last major battle of the American Revolution. So what did Revolutionary War veterans do after the battle? That’s a story now being told in the special exhibition AfterWARd: The Revolutionary Veterans Who Built America at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown (Virginia). Henry Knox went on to help found the nation’s first veterans’ organization, the Society of the Cincinnati. Alexander Hamilton became an influential statesman. James Lafayette, an African American spy for the American forces, spent much of his life after the war seeking liberty from slavery.

Beyond the stories of Revolutionary War veterans, the exhibition honors all U.S. veterans with its interactive “Legacy Wall.” This multimedia display highlights the accomplishments of veterans such as Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, Neil Armstrong and Julia Child and invites visitors who are veterans to add their own stories to the wall. The exhibition runs through November 27.


This article originally appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of AAA World.

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