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AAA World Article

Winter is coming: These three words bring visions of icy windshields, slippery roads and slithering stops. And it’s not just the driving perils; it’s also the fear of being stranded on the road that makes drivers worry. But AAA members have more confidence than most because they know that someone they trust will be there for them 24/7/365.

AAA is the benchmark for all other roadside-assistance providers. In fact, AAA is the most highly recommended roadside-assistance provider in the U.S.1 Here’s why.

Fifteen minutes faster—We arrive 15 minutes faster than competing roadside-assistance providers nationwide.2 No one wants to wait longer than necessary. And why should you? You have AAA.

Any-car coverage—We don’t just protect your car; we also protect you. So, if you’re driving a friend’s car or a rental, or if you’re a passenger in someone else’s car and it breaks down, call and we’ll be there.

71 percent of the time—That’s how often AAA gets you back on the road quickly with a jump start, tire change, out-of-fuel delivery or lock-out service.1 

Service Tracker—See your AAA Roadside Assistance driver’s location in real time, check your driver’s estimated time of arrival and more. Download our app to always be in the know while you wait.

Another common casualty of winter is the car battery. Batteries lose a third of their power in freezing weather and half their power when the temperature drops to zero degrees Fahrenheit or below. Be prepared by checking out our Mobile Battery Service on Members can get a free quote online, and a technician will deliver and replace the old battery with a new one on the spot.

Premier members are eligible for a free Battery Replacement Benefit.3 If you are a AAA Premier member and your battery dies, call us. We’ll come to you, and—if needed—install a new battery on the spot at no charge.

To be fully prepared for winter’s worst, you might want to review your benefits using our online Member Guide available at Make sure that you have the best plan for your needs, including the right allowance of free tow miles and benefits, and that every driver in your household is covered.

No matter what the weather brings, you’re never alone on the road, because you have AAA.


12016 U.S. Market Share and Competitive Satisfaction Report by AAA
Based on 2016 Q2 ACA roadside data
Certain restrictions apply. Visit for details.


This article originally appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of AAA World.

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