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Bike Helmets: Wear Them in Good Health

AAA World Article

On a clear, sunny day last summer, Lance Sabouni, AAA executive vice president of Auto Solutions & Connected Car, was taking a 35-mile bike ride in Pennsylvania to prepare for an upcoming cycling event when near-tragedy struck. Sabouni, who regularly makes these training rides from Phoenixville to Manayunk, had passed a trail gate when another rider swerved into his path from the opposing direction, causing them to collide. With no time to brake, Sabouni was thrown over his handle bars by the impact, and he landed on his shoulder and head under a split-rail fence. Feeling dazed, he recalls hitting his head at least twice before coming to rest on his back under the fence.

At the hospital later that day, Sabouni received the good news that his CT scan showed no sign of a concussion. His body was badly bruised, but his helmet had protected his head from severe injury. He credits his wife, Susan, who has encouraged his consistent helmet use, as the inspiration that helped him prevent a dire—even potentially fatal—outcome. Thanks to her urging, Sabouni is a firm believer that “wearing a bike helmet can help to maintain your health since there may be serious consequences if you don’t,” he says.

We hope that Sabouni’s story will prompt everyone to wear a helmet—a wise choice that’s proven to increase the chances of surviving a crash significantly. For more information about helmet use and bike safety, visit


This article originally appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of AAA World.

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