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Online Driver Training Programs

Driver Improvement Senior Driver Course  DMV Practice Tests | Online Fleet Driver Training

Our state-approved online courses in Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement, RoadWise Driver for Seniors, and Fleet Driver Training make it easy for you to learn at your own pace. Our courses meet requirements for volunteers, DMV and traffic court -- and may qualify drivers for auto insurance discounts, point reduction, or the ability to earn "positive" safe driving credits.

Online Defensive Driving  &  Driver Improvement

New Jersey

  • MVC approved Defensive Driving Course
  • Remove 2 Points & Reduce Insurance Rates
$35.05     $38.95


  • Defensive Driving 10% Auto Liability Insurance Reduction 6-hour Basic Course
  • Defensive Driving 15% Auto Liability Insurance Reduction 3-hour, 3-Year Refresher/Renewal Course
Members     Non-Members
$24.30 6-hour
$20.70 3-hour
    $27 6-hour
    $23 3-hour



  • MVA or court referrals
  • Volunteers
$68     $75


  • Virginia 8-Hour Traffic School Course
  • Voluntary - Earn up to 5 Safe Driving Points
  • Insurance Discount
  • DMV Required
  • Court Required - Point Reduction
  • Court Required - Fine Reduction
  • Court Required - Non-resident
$36.90     $41

Online RoadWise Driver for Seniors


$15.95     $19.95


$15.95     $19.95


$15.95     $19.95

Washington, DC

$15.95     $19.95

  • Course is available from any Internet connection
  • Learn the top five causes of senior crashes and ways to avoid them
  • See video clips showing real-life crashes and the factors that contributed to them
  • Course combines the newest data, best resources, and the most learner-friendly features
  • Insurance discounts may apply upon course completion

Online Senior Driver Course

Senior DrivingNew Jersey

$15.95     $19.95

  • State approved insurance discount course
  • Course is available from any Internet connection
  • Designed to keep senior drivers (age 55+) up-to-date on the latest risk reducing driving techniques
  • Simple-to-pass multiple choice chapter quizzes

Online DMV Practice Tests

License/Permit Test:

  • Our state specific DMV/MVC/MVA (specific to state) Practice Test Package is completely flexible, allowing you to prepare for the DMV written exam in any fashion you desire.
  • Our online Question Review gives you the ability to review each question one at a time
  • Go back and forth from Question Review to Practice Tests any time you want.
$8.95 50 Questions
$13.45 100 Questions
    $9.95 50 Questions
    $14.95 100 Questions

    Online Fleet Driver Training

    Our new courses use interactive technologies - creating a more effective learning experience. Your drivers will be more engaged in the coursework, more attentive, and more open to learning. The results - better informed, more responsible, safer drivers.

    Call 1-800-999-4952 ext. 62722 for pricing and more information.

    • Proactive Driving Course
      Perhaps the most important course your drivers could take.
      Through the 12-modules, they'll explore subjects including the causes and consequences of poor driving, preventable & non-preventable collisions, risk factors outside your vehicle including the road, weather and other drivers, managing risk on the road, as well as basic vehicle maneuvers.
      (Approximately 90 minutes to complete.)
    • Aggressive Driving
      Designed to increase awareness of how emotions affect safe driving.
      (Approximately 35 minutes to complete.)
    • Distracted Driving
      Our two-part Distracted Driving course is designed to refresh and improve basic driving knowledge and increase awareness and understanding of inattentive and distracted driving issues.
      (Approximately 35 minutes to complete.)
    • Drowsy Driving - Basic
      This Interactive course consists of 3-modules teaching participants the impacts, risks, and warning signs of drowsy driving.
      (Approximately 20 minutes to complete.)
    • Drowsy Driving - Advanced
      This Interactive course consists of 3-modules teaching participants how fatigue affects driving ability, how to prevent the onset of fatigue, and what precautions they can take if they must drive fatigued.
      (Approximately 20 minutes to complete.)
    • Fuel Efficiency
      Designed to reduce environmental impact while increasing safety and lowering driving costs.
      (Approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.)
    • Van Driving Safety
      Consists of 3-modules that teach van operators how to safely load and operate a van, how to negotiate different driving environments, how to incorporate preventative safety measures and how to deal with emergency situations.
      (Approximately 1-hour to complete.)

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