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E-Z Pass Fees & Information

AAA believes that toll authorities, states and others that operate toll facilities should use high-speed electronic toll collection systems, which minimize traffic congestion, increase safety and mobility for motorists and reduce emissions from idling vehicles. This chart summarizes E-ZPass fees charged by toll facilities within the AAA Mid-Atlantic territory to enroll and use the system.

AAA strives to post current information. If you believe there is an error in this chart, please e-mail our Public Affairs department.

E-ZPass is available in VA, PA and DE from AAA in stores!
(Note: Only offices in the Northern Virginia area sell the Flex transponders.)
To purchase from AAA Online:
Pennsylvania E-ZPass
Delaware E-ZPass
Virginia E-ZPPass is not available for purchase online through AAA

E-ZPass Agency  Initial
Balance to
Per Tag 
Discount Options
Delaware DOT $15 None $25 None Users automatically receive a discount of 50% when they travel on route-1 30 times in 30 days  
Delaware River & Bay Authority N/A N/A N/A N/A Commuter Discount: Once enrolled the user receives 25 trips at $0.75 a trip. They must be used within 30 days of the first trip

Frequent Traveler Discount: Once enrolled the user receives 20 trips at $1 per trip and has 90 days to use them after the first trip
As of 6/27/11 DRBA's E-Zpass operations have been taken over by the NJ Customer Service Center
Delaware River Joint
Toll Bridge Commission
None $1/month $25 $10
(without credit card)
40% commuter discount with E-Zpass when enrolled and making 20 trips in a 35 day period  
Maryland Transportation Authority $9 $1.50/month
(applied to accounts with 2 or less transactions/month)
$25 None Baltimore Region Discount Plan: Pay $70 for 50 trips that are valid for 45 days.

Bay Bridge: Pay $52.50 for 25 trips that are valid for 45 days.

Bay Bridge Shoppers: Pay $30 for 10 trips that can be used Sunday through Thursday and are valid for 90 days.

Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge Discount Plan: Pay $52 for 25 trips that are valid for 45 days.

Hatem Bridge Choice “A” and “B” Plans:  Two-axle vehicles pay $20 per year for unlimited trips.
NJ Turnpike Authority None $1/month $25 $10
(without credit card)

Citizens of Florence and Roebling receive a discount when using interchange 6.

Senior Citizens receive a 10% discount on off-peak tolls after enrollment

Citizens who drive cars that get above 45 Miles/gallon receive a discount of 10% on off-peak tolls after enrollment
Out of state drivers no longer receive a discount of 25% during off peak hours
Pennsylvania Turnpike
None $6/year $35 $25
(without credit card)

E-Zpass customers receive a discount over cash varying by toll  
Port Authority of
New York & New Jersey

None $1/month $10 $10
(without credit card)

Citizens can purchase 20 trips at $4 per trip. These must be purchased in advanced and are usable for 35 days at Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge, and Outerbridge Crossing  
Virginia DOT None Effective July 9, 2012, each transponder issued will be subject to a monthly account maintenance fee. The Fee will be 50 cents for each standard transponder and $1 for each Flex transponder. $35 None Dulles Greenway Plan: No membership fee. However, a minimum toll road usage is required to receive any benefit. Cash back rewards start at 5% if you meet the minimum usage requirement of 180 tolls in a 12 month time frame.

Chesapeake Expressway Plan: $3.33 p/mo. for a 2 axle vehicle. Multi-axle vehicles subject to additional fees.

495 Express Lanes:  You will need an E-ZPass to use the 495 Express Lanes. You will have two E-ZPass options – standard E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex. The E-ZPass you need will depends on how you plan to use the Express Lanes. E-ZPass allows you to pay your tolls electronically without slowing down, while E-ZPass Flex, with three or more people in the car, means you get a toll free trip on the 495 Express Lanes.

Coleman Bridge: No membership fee. You will be assessed a lower toll simply by paying your toll with a vaild E-ZPass transponder.
Virginia E-ZPass is available at AAA branch locations in VA! Click here for your closest store. (Note: Only offices in the Northern Virginia area sell the Flex transponders.)

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