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SMARTtrek Features

Feature Description
New SMARTtrek Dashboard - My Dashboard New Look and Feel for the SMARTtrek Re-brand
Multiple Vehicles per AAA Membership number Each member can subscribe to ST for multiple vehicles. Each subscription will be tied to the membership number of the person placing the order
X-Ray Car high-level Vehicle Health View Shows the vehicle's health at a glance on the dashboard. Gives high level info. Member clicks through to Vehicle Health page for additional information
Eco-Impact Meter this is a snapshot of the Fuel Economy feature in the My Driving section. It displays a high level view of that info and clicks through to the Fuel Economy page at Sensomatix.
Driving Stats This is a simple readout of the car's mileage statistics - # of miles driven in the past week, Average miles per day, % City driving miles, % Highway driving miles
Car Location Shows the home city of the vehicle and allows the member to ping their car to get its current location.
New SMARTtrek Vehicle Health - My Vehicle Health New Look and Feel for the SMARTtrek Re-brand
X-Ray Car View of Vehilce Health Shows the vehicle with areas of the car that are in alert status highlighted for an at a glance look
Vehicle Health Alert Details - DTC, Battery, Engine Temp Alerts with consumer-friendly descriptions provided by the AAA National DCT
Maintenance Service Reminders Reminders for major milage-based scheduled maintenance - based on the Mitchell 1 database
Near Real-time Email and Text Alerts Health and Maintenance alerts sent via email (default) and text message (opt-in only)
Monthly Vehilce Health Emails Email to subscribers recapping the state of their vehicle as reported on the Vehicle Health Page.
SMARTtrek My Profile Page New page, used to manage alert preferences for ST 1.5
Update Odometer Reading Allows member to update the odometer reading we have on file for them. These two numbers will not match until updated by the member because there may be a lapse between ordering and installation.
Vehicle Health Alert Settings Allows users to opt into or out of Vehicle Health Alerts, Maintenance Service Reminders and Monthly Vehicle Health Emails
Vehicle Health Alert Contact Info Allows users to indicate which email address and mobile phone number they want to receive alerts at.
SMARTtrek My Driving Pages Same as Roadwise but with new SMARTtrek header
SMARTtrek My Discounts Page Same as for Roadwise. Links to PDF of COR coupons
Location-Based Roadside Assistance Same as Roadwise. Pinpoints the member using device's GPS when they need Roadside Assistance.
Purchase and Registration New P&R site hosted by AAA National
Multiple Subscriptions Can indicate number of units they want to subscribe to.
VIN Decoding and Automatic Compatibility Check Verifies that the VIN is accurate and compatible with Roadwise.
Odometer Reading Required Facilitates Service Reminders
PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing Allows us to accept payment. Clubs are merchant of record.
Promo Codes Allows for us to test pricing.

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