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AAA Membership Benefits Guide

Member Benefits Guide

Chances are you joined AAA to get help if you have a problem with your car. Many people do, but not all. In fact, some don’t even have a car. They joined because having AAA has many benefits beyond Roadside Assistance that can help them every day.

AAA has been helping drivers since 1900. At first, the purpose was to protect the rights of travelers and make going places by car easier. Since then, both the organization and purpose have grown dramatically. Today, we work to make life easier, simpler and better for people on the go. This means helping members on the road as much as off—whether at home, on vacation or shopping. With products and services like travel planning, credit cards, loans, insurance—even discounts on flowers—AAA Mid-Atlantic provides members ways to save time, money and trouble every day.

To use this Guide:
Select a topic from the menu below. You may also print a copy (PDF) to keep in your glove compartment or in your home for quick reference. In addition, a general description of Basic, Plus and Premier memberships can be reviewed by clicking onto the Benefits chart.

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There's just one AAA. But there's more than one way to belong with a variety of membership choices:

1) Coverage Options and Details:
Basic Membership - is anything but basic. Any time you get on the road, you can drive assured with our renowned 24/7 Roadside Assistance. You can take advantage of free perks like printed AAA TripTiks® routings and United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean maps as well as online mapping at; AAA TourBooks®; hotel and motel savings and worldwide vacation planning and reservations. As a AAA member, you have access to a full range of automotive, travel, entertainment and financial services as well as, auto, home and life insurance products— not to mention many deals and discounts.

AAA Plus® Membership - 
gives you more of a good thing. This level builds on the Basic Membership benefits with extras like extended towing service, free gas if you run out on the road, and additional lock-out service coverage. Plus, you can enjoy greater reimbursements for road service that is not covered by your membership, auto travel accident expense and more.

AAA Premier® Membership - 
moves you up to an extra level of special treatment as a AAA Member. As a Premier member, you enjoy a number of special benefits and added advantages. For more information on these benefits, view the complete version of the Premier Benefits Guide.

AAA Associate* Membership - is ideal for family members. An Associate Membership covers others of driving age living in the same household as the Primary Member, including children away at college, with Basic or Plus Membership benefits at a reduced rate.

AAA Plus RV Membership - is worth having if you drive a motor home or motorcycle. In addition to all the benefits of AAA Plus, it provides you with the specialized coverage needed for vehicles of this type.

2) About Emergency Road Service
Vehicles and services covered under Basic, Plus or Plus RV Membership: Roadside Assistance means 24-hour assistance for minor mechanical first aid; battery service, tire change, out of fuel, lockout service, extricating and towing. Roadside Assistance will be provided to you when the vehicle you are either driving or riding in becomes disabled. The following types of vehicles are eligible for service:

  • Four-wheel motor-driven passenger vehicles (i.e. cars, vans and pick up trucks, including rented passenger vehicles) if those services can be safely delivered without using heavy duty equipment.
  • Dual rear wheel unloaded pickup trucks are provided all services except tire service.
  • Dual rear wheel campers and motor homes are covered for lockout, battery service and out of fuel services only. Additional services (such as towing and tire change services) are provided only if you have a Plus RV Rider Membership.

Vehicles covered under Plus RV:

  • Campers, motor homes, motorcycles, travel trailers, and boat and utility trailers (but only if loaded with boat or recreational vehicle such as ATV, dirt bike or jet ski).

Some restrictions apply. What’s not covered:

  • Service on taxis, buses, moving trucks, limousines, step vans, truck bodies other than regular pickup trucks or modified vehicles which would prevent the vehicle from being towed safely (i.e. plows).
  • Service will be provided to Members on any eligible vehicles that Members are either driving or riding in at the time of disablement unless prohibited by law. An “eligible” vehicle is a four-wheel motor-driven passenger vehicle (i.e. cars, vans and pickup trucks, including rented passenger vehicles) if those services can be safely delivered.
  • Service to a vehicle which AAA has determined to be unsafe due to overloading or which requires heavy duty equipment to safely provide service.
  • Service to a vehicle which is snowbound, including an unplowed street or driveway, or located in areas such as a vacant lot, back, front or side yard, the beach, a field or barricaded street.
  • Service to an unattended vehicle, unless prior approval has been given by AAA due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Service to a vehicle located at a repair facility where repairs can be performed, except when it has been confirmed that the repairs cannot be provided or completed within 72 hours.
  • No more than one tow per disablement.
  • Tow request for a vehicle from the street to the driveway (unless obstructing traffic); one location to another on the property; a closed repair facility; a vacant or unattended location; or for the purposes of buying, selling, trading, junking or donating.
  • Tire service for dual-rear wheel trucks or vans (except under Plus RV Rider).
  • Towing of utility trailers attached to a covered vehicle (service for the trailer may be provided at the Member’s expense).
  • The cost for repairs, parts and labor.
  • Taxi service from site of disablement (tow trucks are limited as to the number of passengers they can accommodate). Taxi service or other transportation can be arranged at the Member’s expense.
  • Service may be restricted , delayed or suspended due to severe weather conditions.
  • Reimbursement of tow expenses covered by insurance.
  • Delivery of diesel fuel.

Additional Points:

  • Your membership benefit cannot be transferred to or used by any other person.
  • AAA will charge an additional non-refundable Immediate Service Fee if roadside assistance is requested at the time a Member joins or canceled Member renews with the Club beyond their Membership Grace Period.

Basic Member

  • Entitled to 4 Roadside Assistance calls per member, per membership year for covered services, including up to $50 for auto lockout service.
  • May have the vehicle towed to the responding AAA facility or any other destination, including the hookup & first 3 miles of towing, at no charge - additional mileage at member discounted rates.
  • Tolls are not covered.

Plus Member

  • Entitled to 4 Roadside Assistance calls per member, per membership year for covered services, including up to $100 for auto lockout service.
  • May have the vehicle towed to the responding AAA facility or any other destination, including the hookup & first 100 miles of towing, at no charge—additional mileage at member discounted rates.
  • Tolls are not covered

AAA Mid-Atlantic may arrange for service to Members who have exceeded their “per membership year” allowance however Members will be required to pay for each additional call at AAA Member discounted rates. There is a 7 day waiting period from the time your payment is processed before you can receive Plus or Plus RV benefits; this also applies to an upgrade from one membership level to another; to renewal of membership 60 days or more after expiration, or if you just joined the Club and enrolled initially as a Plus or Plus RV Rider Member. Services during this waiting period will be provided under the guidelines for Basic Membership.

AAA Liability:

  • We have contracted with independent service facilities to provide Roadside Assistance. AAA shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss occasioned by or resulting from rendering, attempted rendering, or failure to provide any Roadside Assistance or towing service or failure thereof by an independent service facility.
  • The independent service facilities are not agents of AAA, nor is AAA an agent for them. They are solely responsible for their actions. Any arrangements you make for subsequent, non-emergency repairs are between you and the service facility.
  • Additional information about Roadside Assistance and other Member services and benefits are available by calling 1-800-763-8200 or by writing to Member Relations, P.O. Box 6032, Newark, DE 19714-6032

Additional Benefits:

Emergency Check Acceptance: If you need Roadside Assistance or emergency repairs which are not covered by the AAA membership, present your AAA membership card and you can pay for the service/repairs with a personal check for up to $250 at the responding facility or, any AAA/CAA owned service facility.

Alternative reimbursement: If AAA Roadside Assistance is not available and you obtain service from a non-AAA facility, you may submit your request for reimbursement consideration up to the amount it would have cost AAA to provide the covered service under similar circumstances. You must make every effort to contact AAA to request service through Roadside Assistance first. Requests must be submitted with the original receipt within 60 days of service.*

*Some toll roads and some limited access highways provide their own roadside assistance and will not permit AAA to come to your assistance. You should request that they tow your vehicle to their lot off the toll road so that you may contact AAA to request service. In some instances some of the providers will accept your membership card in lieu of payment to remove your vehicle from the toll road or limited access highway. Otherwise, pay for the service and get an itemized receipt, which you may submit to AAA for reimbursement consideration.

Trip Interruption expense reimbursement:

Basic & Plus Members:

Your vehicle must be involved in an accident in the United States or Canada, 100 miles or more from home, while on a planned leisure trip which included at least 1 overnight stay. Vehicle must be disabled and inoperable for a minimum of 8 hours (mechanical disablement excluded). You may request reimbursement for reasonable, unanticipated costs of accommodations and meals or substitute transportation, up to $200 for Basic Members and up to $700 for Plus Members. These expenses must be incurred within 72 hours of the accident.
All requests for trip interruption reimbursements must include a police report and original itemized receipts for expenses incurred.

Legal Defense Reimbursement: You may qualify for reimbursement for attorney’s fees up to the amounts listed below if you are charged with a listed motor vehicle violation to which you plead not guilty throughout the proceeding. After final disposition, contact AAA to request the necessary paperwork to apply for this benefit.


  • Not guilty plea must be entered and maintained
  • Not eligible if you plead guilty to a lesser charge
  • Submit original bill from attorney and copy of final disposition
  • Not eligible if convicted of illegal conduct, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; evading police; hit and run; or theft of a vehicle

Moving Traffic Violation:

- Representation in Primary Court – up to $50
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $75
- Maximum combined benefit $125

- Representation in Primary Court up to $100
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $150
- Maximum combined benefit $250

Assault & Battery by Automobile:

- Representation in Primary Court – up to $100
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $150
- Maximum combined benefit $250

- Representation in Primary Court up to $200
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $300
- Maximum combined benefit $500

Manslaughter by Automobile:

- Representation in Primary Court – up to $400
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $600
- Maximum combined benefit $1,000

- Representation in Primary Court up to $800
- Representation in any Higher Court – up to $1,200
- Maximum combined benefit $2,000

Crime Prevention: A reward will be offered for information and testimony provided by a person, unrelated to the Member, which leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone who steals or vandalizes your vehicle. Basic Membership Reward – total of $1,000 regardless of number of witnesses. Plus Membership Reward – total of $2,000.
You should display your AAA Crime Prevention sticker prominently on your car. It warns that AAA will pay a reward for information and testimony leading to the arrest and convictions of anyone responsible for the theft, willful destruction of your motor vehicle; or leaving the scene of an accident which caused bodily injury to you or property damage to your vehicle. The AAA Crime Prevention sticker is available upon request.
Witnesses should call 1-800-763-8200, ext. 69074, to get details on how to apply for the reward once the accused has been tried and convicted of auto theft and/or vandalism. Note: Members and their immediate family are ineligible to receive a reward with respect to the Member’s vehicle.

Take advantage of these Additional Benefits by contacting:

AAA Mid-Atlantic
Member Relations
P.O. Box 6032
Newark, DE 19714-6032

Products and services are subject to change without notice.
Misuse of membership is subject to cancellation, non-renewal or permanent expulsion from AAA.

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